Hemochrom – Making Quality Healthcare more Accessible & Affordable.

The pharma industry is facing commercial strife , with consumers becoming more and more aware and conscious. Patients want better treatments , therapies and medicines , at more affordable prices.

At Hemochrom our aim is to make quality healthcare more accessible and affordable.

We are manufacturers of HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography ) Columns.

We  also provide chromatographic accessories like D2 lamp, finger tight fittings ,etc.

Our sister concern ULTRAPURE ANALYTICS also does prep HPLC impurity isolation and structure elucidation.


We have been in this industry for more than 15 years and we supply our products all over the world.

We have a great team of expert scientists¸ engineers, chemists, etc.

We are well known for the quality of the products we supply and we also have an excellent after sale service.

As the initiative of make in India is being encouraged . We would love to declare our company an 100% Indian company. Our factory is located in Vapi, Gujarat. And we have our head office located in Mumbai.

For your HPLC column and impurity isolation  requirements  please reach out to us at

 contactus@hemochrom.com , Tel: +91 -22- 2895 0000, 2890 0000, 2891 1111.