We supply the following Chiral columns which can replace the similar Diacel chiral columns

Intsil Chiral-OD-i = Daicel OD

Intsil Chiral-AD-i = Daicel AD

Intsil Chiral-AS-i = Daicel AS

Intsil Chiral-OC-i = Daicel OC

Intsil Chiral-OG-i = Daicel OG

Intsil Chiral-OJ-i = Daicel OJ

Intsil Chiral-OZ-i = Daicel OZ

Intsil Chiral-OX-i = Daicel OX

Intsil Chiral-AZ-i = Daicel AZ

Intsil Chiral-AY-i = Daicel AY

Intsil Chiral-OB-i = Daicel AB

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