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We provide HPLC columns & related services to over 300+ Pharma companies & institutes including Lupin, Piramal, Cadila Healthcare, Biocon, IPCA, Wockhardt, Mankind, Central Drug testing Laboratory etc.

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    Intsil is equivalent to inertsil ODS 3v. These columns provide excellent peak shapes in simple eluents @ low pressure. These columns are priced at-least 30% lower.

    We have a strong team of experienced Engineers, Scientists & executives who would provide prompt technical support services. Our application support lab of our sister concern Ultra Pure Analytics is fully equipped and the scientist have over 30 years experience in chromatography & HPLC applications.

    We also distribute many products related to HPLCs, Chromatography and analytical labs including D2 lamps, HPLC accessories & spares,Vials etc.