Intsil Chiral HPLC Columns

Intsil Chiral is a family of HPLC columns for analytical and semi-preparative purification applications, based on unique silica matrix with monodispersed particle size and large pore morphology. This product line includes ODH-i, OJ-i, OZ-i, AS-i, ADH-i and AZ-i,which employs Cellulose and Amylose as the surface coating followed by derivatization of various chiral selectors. These columnsprovide a variety of complementary selectivity that allow for effective chiral separation and purification.

Main Features

●   High enantioselectivity and column efficiency.

●   Good mechanical strength for extended column life time.

●   A host of selectivity selection for broad application range.

●   Satisfactory performance at economical cost.

Product name Surface functional groups

Instil Chiral ODH-i


Instil Chiral OJ- i


Instil Chiral OZ-i


Instil Chiral AS-i


Instil Chiral ADH-i


Instil Chiral AZ-i


We supply the following Chiral columns which can replace the similar Diacel chiral columns :

  Intsil Chiral-OD-i = Daicel OD

  Intsil Chiral-AD-i = Daicel AD

  Intsil Chiral-AS-i = Daicel AS

  Intsil Chiral-OC-i = Daicel OC

  Intsil Chiral-OG-i = Daicel OG

  Intsil Chiral-OJ-i = Daicel O

  Intsil Chiral-OZ-i = Daicel O

  Intsil Chiral-OX-i = Daicel O

  Intsil Chiral-AZ-i = Daicel A

  Intsil Chiral-AY-i = Daicel A

  Intsil Chiral-OB-i = Daicel A

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